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Note: For these links, you need to set up an account with the Internal Revenue Service utilizing the ID.me technology.

What is ID.me?

ID.me is a trusted technology provider in helping to keep your personal information safe. They specialize in digital identity protection and help them make sure you’re you—and not someone pretending to be you—before they give you access to your information.

View your Balance

View the amount you owe and a breakdown by tax year

View or create Payment Plans

Learn about payment plan options and apply for a new payment plan
View details of your payment plan if you have one

Make and View Payments

Make a payment from your bank account or by debit/credit card
View 5 years of payment history and any pending or scheduled payments

Manage Communication Preferences

Go paperless for certain notices
Get email notifications for new notices

Access Tax Records

View key data from your most recent tax return and access additional records and transcripts
View your economic impact payment amounts
View digital copies of certain notices from the IRS